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A thump in the night….

October 31, 2006


A spooky tale of danger and disaster!!!!  So.   To enhance the super-spookiness of our fabulously decorated house, I called Lloyd on the phone and said, “We could put the wireless speaker outside and play scary music, but the speaker would get stolen.”  “Well,” said Lloyd, “you could put it on the roof.” Now here’s where all of […]

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Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2006


Here’re my cheap-o Sack-o-Lanterns.  I had to come up with some stuff to decorate with tomorrow.  Fortunately, leaving the potted plants out in the freezing cold has given us some nice creepy foliage by the front door.  Happy Candy Day!

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The Saga of the Dining Room Light Fixture

October 29, 2006


So, we’ve lived in this house ten (Yeah, I wrote six before.  Oops) years – come December.   We haven’t made any major changes – painted a few rooms, put new flooring in one room.  (Sidebar:  Do you guys (Beth, Brad, Annette) like how I’m writing this as if other people are reading it?  YOU already […]

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The Auction

October 28, 2006


Well, folks, another Saturday was frittered away at an auction. This was the Lincoln Public Schools auction, which is better than the rest because they have many things that I’m interested in. (The others just have rows upon rows of computers and monitors. *snore*) Sure, up close they’re all worthless, old globes and microscopes that […]

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Go Cardinals!

October 26, 2006


Those birds are amazing -beating tigers and all. My brother and sister-in-law were at tonight’s game. Twenty rows (and thirty feet towards left field) behind home plate. By the way – Happy Birthday, Bethany! I should have posted that earlier! Update: I don’t really have much to say about the World Series games. Most of […]

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Bathroom Before

October 25, 2006


Change is a’comin’.  (Lloyd doesn’t want me to post just one lline, but he’s already asleep because the Cardinals have a rain delay, so who’s he to tell me what to do? Ha ha ha ha ha.  Guess I showed him who’s boss….wait.  This is more than I meant to write.  Rats!)

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