Rockin’ in Papillion!

November 4, 2006

Journal, Lauren

Last night I got this e-mail:

  • WHAT: First Nebraska ukulele club get together.
  • WHEN: Saturday, November 4th at 5pm ’till the cops shut us down.
  • WHERE: The upstairs stage area of D/Rocks Music 147 N. Washington Street Papillion , NE .
  • WHY: Because ukulele is too much fun to not share with others!

Oh, yeah!!! So after a hard day of cleaning up my classroom for Sunday’s Open House, Lloyd and I headed up toward Omaha. (Lloyd said he had to come along because he wasn’t comfortable leaving me alone with possible ukulele geeks because he was fairly certain I would be the hottest (a.k.a. ‘only’) girl there.

As it turned out, there were FOURTEEN ukers there, and six of us were girls! It was crazy fun. Lloyd took pictures because he said people wouldn’t believe that I knew that many people in Nebraska with ukuleles.  He was a great sport and even played along! Perfect score!

If you like a ukulele lady, or lad.....
(We’re meeting again next month if anyone wants to come along.)

P.S. Happy Birthday to Macy G!


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5 Responses to “Rockin’ in Papillion!”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Ukulele clubs should meet in secret… in dark places… never showing themselves until the Day of Ukening. There are too many enemies about… too many servants of the Harmonica.


    • Lloyd Said on:

      It is only the outer circle that meets by the light of day. Those loyal to the Harmoninomicron would nver believe that the Brotherhood would spark no meeting, So hidden within, layer upon layer, is a core group of really hot chicks who are destined to save the world from the mouth harpists.



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