Toasty warm

November 7, 2006

Journal, Lauren

A giant snake of warmth.


This is a towel warmer that I bought today at Tuesday Morning.  It was only $10, and it’s the last one.  (Drat.)  I really would like to have a reason to keep it here at home, but we already have a towel warmer in the upstairs bathroom.  I rationalized buying it because I thought we could use it at work.  In the winter, the children’s mittens get sopping wet when it snows, and when we go out again in the afternoon, their hands are wet and cold.  So……the noble thing to do is figure out a way to use it to dry their mittens.  (I’m test-drying a wet napkin and wet glove in the picture.  Their counterparts are drying elsewhere – control group and all that.)  The selfish thing to do is keep it here.

What will I do?  Vote, America!

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One Response to “Toasty warm”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I think you should keep it at home for use as a cat warmer. You could hang Cricket by the top rung and Pfennig by the lower rung. Too bad there wasn’t an extra warmer so they could each have their own.

    My cat warmer isn’t as fancy…it’s just a reptile heat lamp. But Ned kind of looks like a reptile, so I think it’s okay to use.


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