Semi-Productive Day

November 18, 2006


For all the sitting around and watching tv we did today, we did actually manage to get some things done.   Lloyd finished up the map for Kate and John’s wedding, and I cut them out.  (I have the big knife, remember.)  I also made a card  for a family from the Center who is celebrating the adoption of their three boys.  The yellow text shows up better in person than in the picture.

not the first, second or tenth draft of either

like marzipan, I guess




I also planned on re-doing the caulking in the bathroom, but I bought the wrong color.  Oops.


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3 Responses to “Semi-Productive Day”

  1. Christina Said on:

    Have you caulked before?? I am very experienced now, the trick is to keep your finger wet when you run it over the caulk. That will keep you from dragging the caulk and make a really nice curved line. I learned that from the guy who put in the new window at our old house. He was hanging out on a ladder on the outside of the house and I was in the office trying to work from home, which by the way is not very productive!! But he showed me how to make it look nice.


  2. Lauren Said on:

    Ah, yes, I am experienced in the ways of caulk. You can tell by all the jeans I have that have paint and old caulking. (My motto: If you’re not getting messy, you’re not having fun.)


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