Open Mike Night

November 21, 2006

They can't all be winners.

Clap, people!

You believe in fairies, don’t you? Clap to keep Tinkerbell alive! Clap! Clap!

So on talk radio when the host is too lazy to actually host, they have Open Mike time. Since Lloyd and I will be gone for Thanksgiving, it’s up to you – the fans and the lurkers – to keep this website going. (The internet connection is iffy at my folks, so I don’t know if we’ll be able to update.) I’d like y’all to tell us what you’ll be doing for Thanksgiving, or offer a good recipe or cooking tip to keep this thing alive until Sunday.

Thanks for your support!


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13 Responses to “Open Mike Night”

  1. Annette Said on:

    Open Mike night….hmmm….hard lemonade or cranberry???


  2. Beth Said on:

    The best cranberry relish ever!
    1 bag fresh cranberries
    1 medium sized orange
    1 cup sugar

    Blend cranberries and whole orange (peel included) in food processor to relish consistency. Add sugar. Chill, serve.
    (I also like to throw in a handful of pecans for a added flavor, yummy!)


  3. Brad Said on:

    If I were to recommend one flowering houseplant, it would be an orchid. Make sure it’s a phalaenopsis. (That’s a specific kind of orchid… a “moth orchid” — it’s flowers look a little moth-like)

    Put it in your bathroom window. That way, you’ll see it every day and you’ll know when it needs water. Under-watering is the number one cause of death among houseplants.

    When you water it, put some fertilizer in the water at half strength. Do this each time you water.

    When the orchid blooms, you’ll have flowers for EIGHT MONTHS! It rests for four months, then blooms again.

    Re-pot it every couple of years in some orchid potting mix from your local Walmarts. Knock all the old stuff off its roots, and pack it into a pot with the new stuff.

    It really is the easiest houseplant I own. No pests, no leggy growth, no fuss.


  4. Brad Said on:

    Oops! I didn’t read the instructions. I thought we were just talking about whatever we knew something about. I just read the recipes on the cans and boxes. I do like that cranberry relish Beth is talking about though.


    • Lauren Said on:

      (We haven’t left yet, so I can comment quickly.) This is not a bad post, in fact, I think this may inspire us all! Writing about something you know about could be very educating! Proceed!


  5. Mark Said on:

    An open mike can be a dangerous thing….

    Just ask Michael Richards!

    Lesseee…who can I tick off?


  6. Beth Said on:

    If you have kids at home and have a bath tub full of toys that suck water up and then never get quite empty, I have a most excellent tip for getting them clean:

    Suck up some antiseptic mouthwash (Listerine is our favorite).
    Slosh the mouthwash around inside the toy for a minute or two.
    Squeeze out.
    Repeat with another round of mouthwash for yuckier toys.
    Rinse in the same manner with water.

    And what’s the benefit of using mouthwash, you ask?
    That way if there’s a bit of residue in the toy and your kid squeezes it in his/her mouth, it’s not toxic (as opposed to bleach or ammonia which is pretty bad for kids, I hear).



  7. Brad Said on:

    Bourbon Punch

    Brew 4 teabags with 2 cups water, then cool.
    Dissolve 2 cups sugar in 7 cups boiling water, then cool.
    Add two 12 oz. cans frozen lemonade.
    Add one 16 oz. can frozen orange juice.
    Add 2.5 cups bourbon.

    Some people like to mix this with Sprite and drink it. I just eat it with a spoon. Mmmm…alcoholic slushies…

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  8. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Nice Thanksgiving Day! are here!


  9. Brad Said on:

    I always liked Superman better, but my brother liked Batman. He said Batman had to work for his powers and that made him more cool. Superman was just born on some other planet and that made him “super”.

    The reason I prefer Superman is because he is the ideal. He knows what needs to be done and he does it. That’s why it’s been so difficult to make Superman movies. He was not conflicted about his superhero responsibilities like Spiderman is. But now things have changed. The comic book writers have invented some inner conflicts for Superman. To me though, he is still the ideal… something we can all aspire to… not super because of an accident of birth, but super because of a decision to do the right thing.


  10. Beth Said on:

    When I was little, I spent most of my time playing alone. I had two brothers for gosh sakes, and Brent left home when I was 6. When Brad and I did play together, we almost always played matchbox cars. I obliged. Not so much because I loved playing with cars, more because I got tired of playing by myself and liked the company (me being the extrovert that I am, and always have been).

    Occasionally, I could talk Brad into playing Barbies with me (it was a rare occasion, but still). Mom and Dad had a bunch of huge potted plants in their bedroom and I pretended that it was a garden retreat home for my Barbies. It was fun. Brad only ever played for about 10 minutes…then he would make his Barbie commit suicide so he could leave. And, still the ten minutes of having someone else to play with seemed worth the torture of seeing my Barbie laying there on the floor at the bottom of her pot, face down with her hair all a mess.


  11. Brad Said on:

    If you’re trying to remember to take something with you to school or work, leave it right the path of your morning routine. Put it in the bathroom sink or on top of the cereal boxes or right in front of the door to the outside. That way, you’ll stumble on it and wonder who the heck left a book in your way when you’re in such a hurry to get ready. It’s fun to imagine that there’s a poltergeist leaving strange post-it notes on the mirror that say things like: “Remember checkbook”. What could it mean? What…could…it…mean?



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