Nutty Nativity

December 12, 2006


I give you Shmoo Shepherd and Stingy Wise Man. (Look at that thing the shepherd is holding. It’s definitely not a lamb. Is it a fish? What’s a shepherd doing with a fish?)

So, a shepherd and a wise man walk into the bar...

(Whenever I set out Stingy Wise Man, in a snooty voice I say, “Are you REALLY the Son of God?”)

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3 Responses to “Nutty Nativity”

  1. Brad Said on:

    For some reason, I had forgotten that the Shmoo Shepherd was not a Shepherd who was a Shmoo, but rather a Shepherd holding a Shmoo.

    Perhaps what the bundle he was holding was intended to be was a bunch of bananas? He doesn’t look very Jamaican though. Could it be a giant one of those gumdrop orange slices? That’s sort of Christmasy…


  2. Annette Said on:

    I think it is a large locust


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