Happy Birthday to me!

December 16, 2006

Journal, Lauren

Today (Sunday) I am 37 years old. (Hooray – a prime number. It’s been six years since that’s happened.) No big plans for the day – just doing some last minute shopping, perhaps.  (By the way, Kathryn wanted me to make it very clear to everyone that she was the first to wish me Happy Birthday.  Annette was the second. Line up, people!  🙂 )

Even 37 years ago, I loved to nap.

(I’m the little one – asleep, as ususal. Left to right are: Mom, Phil, Mark, and Keren. Dad’s taking the picture….or maybe Santa is….)

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11 Responses to “Happy Birthday to me!”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Happy Birthday, Oh Happy Birthday.
    Misery and despair, people dying everywhere.
    Happy Birthday, Oh Happy Birthday.
    You’re one… year… closer… to… DEATH!


    • Lloyd's Mom Said on:

      Happy Birthday Lauren and Many, many more. Love from all us down south.


    • Beth Said on:

      I really wanted to call and sing that to you…but alas, I would have to have changed the second line to “misery and despair, Beth is barfing everywhere.”
      Hope it was a good one.


  2. Lloyd Said on:

    The really amazing thing about this picture is how Pastor Hofman timed the photo with one of those nuclear test they were always having back in the sixties. You just can’t get those crisp, dark shadows with anything less than a half-a-megaton explosion. And notice how the family isn’t looking directly into the explosion? That’s the reason they can still all see today.


    • Brad Said on:

      Haha! I didn’t notice those dark shadows. “Pictures by electromagnetic shockwave” was a pretty edgy photography technique. I didn’t know Lauren’s dad was so avant-garde.


  3. Lloyd Said on:

    Oh yeah, he had all the latest techniquest from the artists of the day. It’s sort of strange that all of them wear glasses now.


  4. Lauren Said on:

    Don’t make me photoshop this photo, boys.


  5. John Said on:

    God’s blessings on your big day. I was told I got paid for posting something.
    Happy Birthday!


  6. Pastor Hofman Said on:

    Okay! So you guys are jealous because you don’t get to use a flash gun, instead of those wimmpy, little flashing bobbles of today’s cameras. :>)


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