Storm a’brewin

December 19, 2006

Journal, Lauren, Lloyd

Posting this will guarantee that no bad weather will occur, I’m sure, but since we have nothing else to talk about – we’ll talk about the weather. Tonight & tomorrow we’re supposed to have some freezing rain headed in from the south. If Lloyd can’t get into school tomorrow, there will be some pros & cons.

Con: He was planning to take all the middle school students to a theater to see ‘The Nativity Story’, and it’s kind of a bummer that he’ll miss it.

Pro: Today (Tuesday) will have been (unknowingly) the student’s last day of school, so the staff will have escaped the ritualistic ‘last-day-of-school’ craziness.

A bad wind from the south...

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10 Responses to “Storm a’brewin”

  1. Cousin Sam Said on:

    Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays- It’s all I hear from people on this “” thing. I’m not allowed to use the internet so I can’t make any comments. There may be 42 year olds (sick-os)trying to get info from “my space”. So until next year around birthday time… I will check your “” thing faithfully 2 or more times a day to eavesdrop into your “lives” and by link Brad’s. Love ya. Happy Bday.


    • Lloyd Said on:

      Hmmm, 42 years old you say? That sounds somewhat familiar. I wonder if you have someone specific in mind?


      • Cousin Sam Said on:

        Actually, we have had a lot of internet safety seminars, forums, in-services, parent informational meetings, waste of my times and for some reason they always refer to the “bad” person on the other side of the internet as a 42 year old. Wait till I tell them one is a 37 year old female and one a 37 year old male. The living in Nebraska part won’t be a suprise. Gotta go someone just launched a Hersey Kiss from a Lego catapult into his face. heeheehee. I mean- “Are you OK? I’m so sorry!”


  2. Lauren Said on:

    Sam commented!! Hooray!! Hooray!! Hooray!! Send him a check, Lloyd!


  3. Brad Said on:

    So I’m assuming school went ahead as usual? I wasn’t able to check because our stupid internet wasn’t working.


  4. Lauren Said on:

    Yep. Business as usual. Just rain -- a tiny bit of ice this morning on my windsheild, but just rain.


  5. Lloyd's Mom Said on:

    I would love to read your worksheet but for some reason I can’t access pdf files. Sounds like you had a good day.


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