Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…

December 23, 2006


Not much new to post today.  We’re packing things up to go to Missouri for Christmas, so this will be a busy day.  To keep you occupied, how ’bout you share a memory of a favorite present?

Here’s a picture of our family when we lived in Delta.  (I’m 3, I think.)  Don’t these children look pleased with their presents?  Doesn’t my mom look YOUNG?  (If my math is correct, she is 35 in this picture.  If you’ll remember, I’m 37 now.)

The glorious mess of Christmas

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  1. Lloyd Said on:

    I told Lauren that it wasn’t nice to post a discussion type question on a website without also supplying your own answer to the question. I see that you all agree with me, and so I propose that we make it official by all banding together to not to answer the question until she relents and does so first.


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