December 31, 2006

Journal, Lauren

They’re hitched! John and Kate had a beautiful wedding with FABULOUS decorations, if I say so myself. Here you see them eating the absolute best cake on the planet.

Great Cakes, Batman!

Everything was perfect, although we did have about an inch of rain, and the house was out in the country on a dirt road. It was awesome to see her relatives pitch in and pull people out of the mud using tractors! Lloyd was very gentlemanly and escorted people to the door with umbrellas, after telling them to NOT park in the mudholes.

Bumbershoot, ma'am?

Perhaps my favorite memory will be how the dryer buzzer went off three times during the ceremony. (John was drying laundry so he’d have clean clothes for the honeymoon.) That’s something you seldom hear at other weddings! Happy Marriage, Bradys!

Not a dry eye in the house, but the laundry....

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3 Responses to “Wed!”

  1. Mr. & Mrs. Brady Said on:

    You were misinformed, it wasn’t John doing the laundry. It was his sister doing his getaway clothes.


  2. Lloyd Said on:

    I thought it was part of the ceremony. The distant sounding of a lone gong to symbolize a severing with your past and a new bonding together in oneness.

    I’m pretty sure that’s what the kid sitting in front of me thought too.


  3. Annette Said on:

    Who needed clothes for a honeymoon??? I understand the airlines helped out with that too!!


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