Lauren’s Day of Fun

February 3, 2007

Journal, Lauren

Every so often I declare that we are going to have “Lauren’s Day of Fun”. That means that we get to do anything I say without Lloyd complaining or balking. Usually it’s just as benign as going to Lincoln, but sometimes it’s going to Omaha. Today it was going to Lincoln to go to the thrift stores, Hobby Lobby, get haircuts, and perhaps a movie. Now that doesn’t sound so terrible, does it? The worst part for Lloyd is Hobby Lobby  He says every minute he spends in there sucks another year of life from his soul. Big baby.

Well, the first stop was actually haircuts. We’ve only had our hair cut together once  Last time Lloyd had a nice lady, but I had a creepy lady who kept whispering lyrics from 80’s hits as she cut.ÂToday was no better. Lloyd’s lady was nice, and he was done in less than ten minutes. In that time, my girl – who turns out to be a trainee – was still combing my hair. She took FOREVER and when I kept asking if she was going to do ‘that choppy thing at an angle’, she assured me she would – then never did. (Turns out I need to ask for a ‘point cut’.) It was a seriously bad cut, so we did the thrift stores and Hobby Lobby quickly, then got out of town – no movie.

How uneven can you get?

Look how uneven that is! (It’s not a triangular shadow – it’s hair.)  Lloyd had to help me try to fix it. (Brad, are you proud of my first haircut post?)

I’ve got to quit calling the day that. It always turns out badly.

Walkin', & Thriftin', & Thriftin', & Walkin'

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5 Responses to “Lauren’s Day of Fun”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Sorry to hear about your bad haircut. It’s good you know the proper terminology now. I wish I knew how to say “No corners” in haircutspeak. Maybe until it grows out you can just walk with your head tilted to the side… or you could keep one shoulder raised all the time.


  2. Beth Said on:

    I’m thinking, hey, at least Lloyd got his hair cut! Perhaps it was all the talk of him looking like Farah…hmmm…
    But I do feel badly about your crooked hair, Lauren…could you rename your day “Lauren’s day of disappointments” and see if reverse psychology works?


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Hey haven’t you heard that zizag hair is all the rage in France? Really … it’s the latest style … I think it’s called Elle est Toute Decoiffee! All the top models are sporting it! (maybe you had the better stylist after all)


  4. Annette Said on:

    I’ll fix it!


    • Lauren Said on:

      You, in fact, were the person that Lloyd said I should call. “I’m sure she’d LOVE to cut your hair!” Anyway, it’s mostly fixed now, and I can live with it.


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