Poison for Brad

May 18, 2007

Journal, Lauren

You may recall that during our ants post, my brother Mark recommended Grant’s stakes – some stake thingies that you put around your house that will finish off the colony.  Well, I bought some a week or so ago, but never got around to putting them in.  (Beth, they’re at Wal-Mart by the pesticides in the garden center – and they have Terro!)  But by now, the ants aren’t coming back, so I’m just hanging on to the stuff.

I didn’t look at the packaging closely until last night, though, and I just about busted a gut.  Did Brad design this?  It has all his evil phrases in red lettering  – the most deadly lettering.

ENTIRE colonies!!!  Y'got that, ants???

No 'God save the queen' here - she's on her own.

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11 Responses to “Poison for Brad”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Soon, my queen, I will destroy you AND your entire empire. You will choke on the death that surrounds you.


  2. Brad Said on:

    Let me know if these work. I STILL have ants in my kitchen. They eat the Terro and seem to die, but then come back a couple days later.


    • Beth Said on:

      What are they? Jesus ants?


    • Peggy Said on:

      Tonight they dine in HELL!
      Hoo Hoo Hoo


    • Aunt Ruth Said on:

      You are probably dealing with pharaoh ants--they are grease ants and are hard to kill. Most insecticides for ants are made of boric acid, and they often state that these ants are not affected. The Grant stakes are about the only thing that contain the arsenic needed to kill them. The old Terro used to, but regulations prohibit it being used in that form now from what I understand from our local “OK Hatchery” guy. I was mad that I couldn’t get it anymore as I had thrown out my old bottle some years ago when I bought a new one. The Grant product seems to attract only one or two at a time, so a few weeks ago, I bought some Terro and put a drop of it into the hole of the Grant stake and stirred it with a toothpick. Boy, did the ants come--and in a few days they were completely gone. I think they like the taste of Terro better, but without the arsenic, it won’t kill these grease ants. This combined the good taste with the lethal effect. Hope this helps..Lauren’s Aunt Ruth


      • Brad Said on:

        Thanks for the tip, Aunt Ruth! It’s nice to get an explanation in plain English! “Terro has boric acid, Grant’s has arsenic.” Why doesn’t anyone just say this? I don’t think I have pharaoh ants… mine are black. But I’m going to make a deadly “ant cocktail” tonight!


        • Lauren Said on:

          I really like how you KNOW your way around murdering ants! I guess being a nurse comes in handy, eh? By the way -- hooray!! Aunt Ruth posted!! I think we’ll be sending you twenty dollars, as is our custom.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    I hope you read the small print on the box … you do realize you have to drive the stakes thru their buggy little hearts, don’t you?


  4. Kristi Said on:

    I am curious about the part of the box that reads “Guaranteed to Work.” What if they just keep coming back? And how long do you wait before you truly know that they are not coming back? At what point do I get my money back, or do they send in Grant’s reinforcements?


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