A productive day.

September 9, 2007

Journal, Lauren

We managed to escape napping today, and I’m glad. I stayed up past midnight the last couple of nights and I worried if we napped this afternoon, tonight would be the same.  But no time for rest, it was a busy day for the Sommerers – church, grocery shopping (including the maiden voyage of the Envirosax!), making a batch of cookies for tomorrow’s Grandparents’ Tea at school, a trip to Lincoln for Lloyd’s choir and a Sam’s run for me, back home to replace some toilet seats at the Center (a complete story by itself), home for more cookie baking, dinner making, and food fraking.  (Well, vacuum-sealing and freezing meat from Sam’s, but it didn’t rhyme.)  So it’s almost nine o’clock and I’m ready for bed.  How was your Sunday?

Unload those beautiful bags, baby!

Alright, I’ll tell you about the toilet seats.  Little boys are terrible when it comes to using the toilet.  They have absolutely no aim.  Every year they get the speech from me about holding on to their p***** (I really say the word, but I’m afraid to write it here in case it attracts some weird internet robot and it spams the website)  and point it at the water.  It helps for about two days and then it’s spraytime all over again.  To be kind, the little three-year-olds’ are just about level with the bowl, so it’s unfair to expect perfection.  Anyway, over the course of the year all those splashes and sprays find their way into the crevices of the toilet seat hinges, and must be replaced due to the absolute grossness!!  I usually get to it before now, but I forgot.  (I’m usually quite proud of how our boy’s bathroom doesn’t stink. Hopefull the new seats will get us back to normal.)

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14 Responses to “A productive day.”

  1. Cousin Sam Said on:

    Lauren, I think judging from the picture that Lloyd may know something about your stinky toilet seats. By the way, I also tell a certain 3 year old to hold on to his pickle?


  2. Karla Said on:

    Let’s see… I made 1 batch of chocolate chip cookies, 1 loaf of banana bread, 2 loaves of zuchhini bread, took one short nap (15 min), fed Anna 2 jars of baby food, made some blog comments, one blog posting, did 1 load of laundry, washed a bunch of dishes, frowned at the Cubs game (they played bad -- boo!) and played with Anna. Not a bad day!

    I must say, I’m really happy that I have a little girl and not a little boy. There’s no aiming issues.


    • Deanne Said on:

      I just cleaned the house & made some soup. Karla, why so much bread?


      • Karla Said on:

        Because I had two ripe bananas and one ripe zuchhini!


        • Deanne Said on:

          You’re so smart! Do you give it away then, or can the 3 of you get through them?

          BTW, my awesome banana bread recipe flopped the last few times. I checked the baking powder & everything else and it all should be fine. Would you recommend your b-bread recipe?


          • Lauren Said on:

            Ask Brad about making banana bread at our house. He’s got a GREAT recipe -- ha ha ha!

          • Karla Said on:

            I get my zucchinis from my mom. She’s the crazy zucchini lady of Whitmore Lake, MI, just like she was the crazy zucchini lady of Concordia. (Every year my dad insists on planting 4 hills because 3 will die/get eatten by varmits but every year all 4 survive and heaven forbid they throw any of them away.) She had brought me two the last time they were out -- I can get two batches from one zuc, each batch makes 2 loaves, so I’ve got 8 loaves in the freezer now! Yummy-yum! :Þ

            I’d be happy to share my b bread recipe. I’ll email it to you.

  3. Brad Said on:

    Ha! I had the opposite day you did. Maybe your nap attacked me and that’s why I was so sleepy.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    1st-I have been wondering, Lloyd, if you kept the new do … now I see that you have … it looks fabulous!
    2nd-When I was training up my child in the way he should go, I found it helpful to place something for them to aim at in the toilet, like a cheerio … I had very little mess, plus I told them that the Lavatory Leprechan would crawl out from under their bed at night & eat them if they missed.
    3rd-Yesterday, after church, I went to E town (Elizabeth town) to visit my son’s girlfriend, got lost, the Jigger Shop (which I was so looking forward to) was closed for the season, got home around 9pm … no naps.


  5. Beth Said on:

    I changed 13 diapers.


    • Deanne Said on:

      Wow, 13. I had forgotten about those days. We used cloth diapers, so we were changing constantly. And then in the morning, you really didn’t want to be in our room (which was the babies’ room, too)! P-U!

      But those sweet little smilies were the BOMB. Speaking of which, Beth, are you going to post any more smilies to brighten our days?


  6. Erin Thomas Said on:

    Hmmm… you should paint a tiny bug on the inside of your toilet bowl… it gives them something to aim for. They do that in the Netherlands’ public toilets -- do I vaguely remember Brad blogging about that? Possibly with photos?


  7. Rae, formerly known as Rachel Said on:

    Let’s talk food and gadgets together. I was just shown a 2 slice toaster that also cooks eggs! Has anyone else seen this? I thought of you immediately, Lauren. Check it out at Amazon. Also, did you ever get my “Dashboard Delight” pictures? (Cookies baked in the car.)


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