Happy Birthday, Lloyd!

December 19, 2007

Journal, Lauren

Lloyd’s such a copycat. Just because I had a birthday, he has to have one, too. He does this every year.

I post this picture for many reasons. One, to teach him a lesson – get your own birthday month! Two, because it proves that he has truly loved the ukulele for most of his life, though he denies it thoroughly. Three, because I think whatever goop he and Christina smeared all over their skin caused some kind of brain damage (look at their crazed eyes). Four, is that underwear on his head?

I love you, Lloyd, and now you’re old. 🙂 like me.

If you like a ukulele Lloydie, ukulele Lloydie like-a you.

I can almost forgive you encasing a uke in playdough. (or whatever that is.) Happy Birthday!!

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13 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Lloyd!”

  1. Lauren's dad Said on:



  2. Brad Said on:

    You guys were trying to be like KISS, weren’t you?
    Christina looks like the one with the star on his eye. Lloyd, you look like the kitty cat guy.


  3. Kristi Said on:

    Happy Birthday, Lloyd!

    A) I had curtains in my childhood bedroom just like the material used to make Christina’s pillow. B) Is the tall, spired structure on the TV supposed to remind us of Golden Arches National Monument? C) How much money would we all have to chip in to get Lloyd to wear underwear on his head for a whole day? (It could be his richest birthday gift ever.)


  4. Peggy Said on:

    This post is hilarious! What more could I add except:

    Happy Birthday Lloyd!! You haven’t changed a bit!
    Have a great day!


  5. Beth Said on:

    I’m just happy to see that little gap in Lloyd’s teeth has always been there…it’s a very endearing little gap.

    Happy Birthday Lloyd!!


  6. Michele Said on:

    What’s worse is I think it might be GIRL’S underwear!
    Too cute -- I love pictures like that.


  7. Annette Said on:

    Happy Birthday Lloyd!


  8. Deborah Said on:

    Happy birthday!


  9. Karla Said on:

    Happy birthday Lloyd! I’m sorry I wasn’t up at 1:15 this morning to think about calling you to wish you a happy day. Wait, I’m happy I wasn’t up at that hour -- what am I thinking?


  10. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Did you get a Runza for your birthday, too? I’m jealous. Hope your b-day was a happy one.


  11. Mom Said on:

    Happy Birthday Lloyd! I think the goop was my makeup. So, I guess all women must be brain dead by now. I didn’t need it anyway. (need all the brains I can get) It was cuter on them anyway.


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