Sam gots skilz!

April 6, 2008


In High School my cousin Sam Sommerer and I took an art class from Andy Safarik (there were other people in the class as well). I don’t remember what the actual name of the class was, but we called it “Clay Appreciation”.

We must have had a lot of free time, because I remember messing around in the art room alot. I was never very good, and most of the things I made were either (a) “modern” or (b) “phallic”. The best project I was involved with was a castle that Sam, Kent Kunkel and maybe Walt Demoss all worked on. We decided right away that a ruin of a castle would be more up our alley, and it was quite a ruin.

But Sam had some actual clay skills. The thing I remember most from those clays was his fabulous coil constructions. He would make pots that you could bury several cats in. They were big and cool. I think he sold some to the Rich Old Ladies that he used to garden for.

Well, it turns out he still has clay skilz. My dad called me today to make me feel bad for not coming down to the Calvary Lutheran High School dinner/auction (mission accomplished). This is the new Lutheran high school in Jefferson City Missouri where John Engelbrect is serving as Executive Director. Dad said that it went well, that mom bought more stuff that she didn’t really need, and that the cross that Sam sent to the auction sold for around $1,300.00 dollars.

That’s $1,300.00 real dollars. At first I thought it was like our fantasy baseball auction where you don’t spend real money and the players don’t really come home with you. But that turned out not to be the case. Evidently, some nice old lady outbid a cohort of Sommerers for the cross. They gave Sam a standing ovation in absentia. After the auction my dad went up to the winning bidder and told her, “Make sure you take good care of that cross – my godson made it.” This is actually high praise coming from my dad. High praise indeed.

Far upClose up

P.S.  Happy Birthday, Tara!

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11 Responses to “Sam gots skilz!”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Ha! He also has good book review skilz! Awesome crucifix, Sam. I guess you’re good for something after all.


  2. Lauren Said on:

    It’s like he’s a real artist, huh? I’m a little afraid of him now.


  3. Lloyd Said on:

    I should probably have pointed out that these are the unglazed photos. At the auction it had a glazed over look about it.


  4. Deanne Said on:

    Did Sam write that review?

    Also, our site isn’t indexed; will the link still be helpful for Sam?

    Sam, it’s quite an impressive piece and price. How many pieces have you done? Maybe Lloyd can make a “Sam Gallery” in addition to the Bacon Mat Gallery, so that we can all appreciate your work.

    I’m ever-so-glad to know that Mr. Engelbrecht is back “home” and heading up a school. He is top notch, and I’m glad to have had the benefit of a few years with him at St. Paul’s.


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