Dr. Jones

May 23, 2008


No spoilers were written in the making of this post.
I need a whip.
Lauren took me to see a movie last night. We had popcorn and Pepsi. It was just like a real movie. It was a sell-out at the Rivoli Theater. Lauren liked the movie, but she said it was because she had low expectations. I’d say it was better than the second movie, but it had a little bit of a National Treasure feel to it.

Lauren’s least favorite part was the jungle cave ninjas. These guy’s job is to hang out all day in a cave waiting to see if someone happens upon their thousand year old ruins. Then they let them go past and follow them. It’s a boring job, but they have a good union. Some jungle ninja families have been doing it for generations.

Fairly far along into the movie Lauren leaned over and whispered that “El Dorado” was maize (what my people call corn). I thought that was genius, but it didn’t occur to either of the Georges. Oh well, maybe I can work that into my next movie.

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7 Responses to “Dr. Jones”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Indeed what HASN’T been done in treasure-hunting movies? When these movies first came out, they were an original idea. Now we’ve seen every plot line imaginable in regard to treasure-hunter movies.

    I liked it though. Harrison Ford is the man!

    I don’t think I understand your last paragraph. You think the treasure should have been a corn field? …a corn palace? http://www.cornpalace.org/


    • Lauren Said on:

      When they opened those rock-things by the obelisk and all that sand poured out, I thought the sand was ground-up corn and the City of Gold was going to turn out to be a stockpile of corn.

      I also saw the next two theme park rides that they’ll be coming out with.


      • Peggy Said on:

        Thanks for explaining that to us non-genius types.

        I just called the Regal up here in Bel Air & told them of my horrible experience with that horrible Balto. Co. theater. They’re willing to give me a private double feature showing of “Indiana Jones” & “Iron Man”. Woo hoo!

        Now back to making more fried dough ….


  2. Lauren's dad Said on:

    Had it been really maize/corn (I don’t know anything at all about the movie) just think of all the ethanol they could have produced for us to burn up in low-miles-per-gallon vehicles! Would that count for a national treasure?


  3. Kathi D Said on:

    I thought El Dorado was gold. Huhmf?


  4. Deborah Said on:

    Charles and I went to the movie today. I LOVED it. Charles thought it was ok. He was looking for good acting and a good story line. Silly Charles! I didn’t need anything but my Indiana Jones!


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