Ten years later

July 25, 2008

Journal, Lloyd

Ten years ago Lauren and I went with Samith & Stephannie to see the new the X-files movie (from here on out I’ll just say X-files, which is what FOX should have done all along anyway, thank you very much). Last night we went with them to see the new X-files movie. Under no circumstances should you see this movie in the theater. It’s not that it is a bad movie. It’s just that seeing it in the theater will ruin two vital parts of watching x-files:

  1. The ability to turn the lights on when it gets scary.
  2. The chance to talk about the episode with whoever you’re watching it with so as to figure out what’s going on.

Lets hope they make another one in ten years.

The movie itself was mostly good, except where it is really bad. And, keeping with tradition, they leave things a little ambiguous in the end. Skinner turns up at one point and there are a few little in jokes. This is a “monster of the week” episode, so don’t expect any mythology stuff. Oh, and did you know Mulder and Scully had a son?

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7 Responses to “Ten years later”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I’m glad to hear it is not part of the larger story. By the end of the TV series, and into the first movie, I didn’t know what the heck was going on. At least with a self-contained story I might have a chance.


    • Lloyd Said on:

      Did you know that the series went on for two seasons after the movie? I didn’t recall that at all. I thought the movie was pretty much the end of the road.


      • Christina Said on:

        It wasn’t very good after the movie though, that’s about the time Mulder left and they were just limping along after that.
        No one else is quite as believable as the True Believer in the paranormal.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Thanks for the ambiguous review … I dare not see this one alone … not because it would scare me, but because I ALWAYS have questions about every movie … my kids accuse me of not understanding “The Little Mermaid”


  3. Lloyd Said on:

    Holy Cow! I forgot to tell you the funniest part of the evening…

    So I’m the first one into the theater so as to save some seats for us. I give the usher my ticket and he says, “straight ahead.” So I go into the theater and it is pretty much packed. There are single seats and doubles but no spot for four people, much less the six of us (well, the front rows right under the screen are pretty well free). But in the first row there is a section of 4 free seats then six people then two more free seats. So I very nicely ask the six people if they will move down two seats so that we can all sit together. They very nicely agree, and I sit in the middle of the six free seat section all alone.

    I look ridiculous, so I say, “I just need a lot of room.” Some time goes by and no one comes in. More time passes and I call Lauren. I tell her to send someone into the theater to help save seats and she says, “I’m in the theater, where are you?”

    Well, I’m starting to figure things out and I ask the people sitting next to me, “What movie are we seeing?” The response, “Stepbrothers.” Oops.

    I get up and go around to where the six nice people are in the front row (of the back section) and tell them that I’m in the wrong theater, and I’m very sorry and they should feel free to move back over if they would like.

    What movie are we seeing?


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