Hey, Dad, guess what?

September 29, 2008


 “Harboring” doubts?  Don’t!

When we visited my parents in July, my dad told me how much he likes Harbor Freight.  Well, it turns out that there’s one in Lincoln!  I love looking around hardware stores, and it seems to me that Harbor Freight is kind of like the dollar store of hardware.  They have lots of cool stuff, and it’s pretty cheap!  I bought two pair of binoculars for school ($3.99 each) and this thing for 7 bucks.

I have no funny title.

Every year in preschool we talk about our bodies and I’ve always wanted some tangible way to show how your heart pumps blood around your body.  This is it! Now I don’t have to make some awful prototype!  (Plus I’ll never have to pay for gas again.)

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10 Responses to “Hey, Dad, guess what?”

  1. Keren Lowell Said on:

    I love Harbor Freight. I have a set of cheap chisels that I bought years ago and I don’t have to worry that I’m using them incorrectly (say as a pry bar or a screwdriver variant…they were so CHEAP that it doesn’t matter….) I can’t believe that you are so lucky that you can actually visit the store!


  2. Brad Said on:

    Yeah, but did they have any Schedule Forty?


  3. Deanne Said on:

    He, he… never have to pay for gas.

    Except when they SEND YOU TO JAIL! Oh, yeah, taxpayers cover that.


  4. CousinSam Said on:

    I used to wear a pair of glasses like those in grade school for basketball. Mine (hand me down from Danny)had the big black rubber nose piece like that, but the rims were black also, not cool clear tubular stuff. Your lenses are huge. That must be the Elton John version.


  5. Peggy Said on:

    See all the cool stores you have in your town! Make a list of them & everytime IKEA pops in your head, read the list.


  6. Rae Said on:

    Harbor Freights has been a favorite of my dad’s for as long as I can remember. He used to order stuff from their catalog. Now, we have a new store in St. Charles. No excuse for Dad not to visit me now! (Oh, and Sam discovered it too and they are just two peas in a pod.)


  7. Lauren's dad Said on:

    One way or another, we have to do our patriotic duty and keep China afloat!


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