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December 5, 2008


This post started to be about the time – 8:15 and I’m ready for bed, but that would just be silly.  So I went downstairs to throw a load in and thought I’d tell you about my fake Oxy-Clean.

Even though Billy Mayes hawks Oxy-Clean, and I believe everything he says, I can’t bring myself to buy the stuff in the big plastic tub.  Clorox makes the same thing in a cool box, so that’s what I use.  (A box can last over a year.)  Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart to get some more….. and they were out!  I hemmed and hawed about just buying the regular stuff or the store brand, and decided that I’d just do without.  I walked dejectedly down the aisle, past the clearance section – where there was one last box of my stuff!  Super-score!  I’m good until 2009!

Jars are easier to open than bags inside boxes.

Ok, I’ve told my story, it’s 8:17, and now I can go to bed.  G’night.

Oh, wait.  I have to tell you about the teenage boys in the toothbrush aisle.  I need a new toothbrush, and as I entered the aisle two late high school/early college boys left.  I noticed that they had been wearing cologne, and it was quite pleasant.  I thought about it while I searched and searched for my toothbrush, and after several minutes I realized that I was still smelling it.  How much were those guys wearing anyway?

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4 Responses to “Laundry musings”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Your post conspicuously has two words in it that begin with “haw”. The only other words I could think of like that is hawthorn, which is a kind of tree and hawk, which is a kind of bird. Is there a secret message coded into this post?


  2. Ghislaine Said on:

    My family has always used Sodium Perborate. I think it’s basically the same stuff but doesn’t have the fancy packaging!


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