Christmas Memories

December 25, 2008


So, I foolishly didn’t take any photos today, so we’re pictureless again.  I could take a picture of Lloyd and Andrew watching a movie, but that’s not exciting.  How about Christmas memories?

My most memorable present ever was when I was about 5? 7?years old.  I wasn’t up front for the Christmas Eve service, but we were sitting behind a lady who was wearing a LOT of perfume.  Either I was allergic to that or had the beginning of a bad cold, but I started to have a runny nose like Niagra Falls.  We went home to open presents, and I got the most awesome Barbie kitchen ever.  It had a wall of cabinets and appliances, a table and funky chairs, and tiny little flat-fold pieces of carboard that once folded, became tiny little boxes of cereal and crackers.  I sniveled and sniffed the whole time my parents helped me assemble it, and I don’t think they were tears of joy.

I think that might be why I’m not so fond of perfume.

Worst present?  A sweater given to me by my well-meaning grandmother, but it had two giant cherries that sat in just the wrong spot on my tiny, awkward, pre-teen  chest.  Never wore it.

How about you?

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3 Responses to “Christmas Memories”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I, of course, can hardly remember anything from previous Christmases. I do remember getting my first boom-box. That was when I recorded Talking in your Sleep by the Romantics.


  2. Michele Said on:

    Mine is actually a “day after Christmas” memory -- my first positive home pregnancy test! Now my baby is 17.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Santa always left a little present on the end of my bed when I was a kid. Waking up & peeking down to see if the gift was there was always so exciting! And Santa always decorated our tree. We would put the real tree in the stand on Christmas Eve & wake up to a beautifully decorated, lit tree. It was awesome!


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