You raise me up…..

January 7, 2009

GERD, Prototype

So, one of the things I’m supposed to try for this ‘acid reflux’ is sleeping on an incline.  I tried several times over Christmas break to sleep in a chair or on the sofa all propped up, but that was uncomfortable.  I’ve tried lots of pillows in bed, but that’s also uncomfortable, and I wind up just throwing them to the floor in my sleep. The doctor said we could prop the head of our bed up six inches, but that would be kind of impossible.  Someday I’ll show you the bed that I built.

So I looked online and found these incline pillows that cost from $40 – $120, and seriously thought about just ordering one.  “Wait,” said a tiny little voice, “why don’t you….. prototype?”

Step 1: Move to Maryland immediately after college and have the congregation take pity on you because the only belongings you have are two suitcases, twelve boxes of books, a kitchen table & chairs that you bought at a yard sale for $2, and some cushions to sleep on.  Someone will donate an old sofa bed to you.

Step 2: Five years later, get rid of the ancient, stinking hulk, but keep the foam mattress for company.

Step 3: Sheesh – quit being so cheap and actually buy a guest bed already.  Transform the foam mattress into a noise barrier to use at school during the summer so the napping preschoolers won’t hear the loud school agers through the door that connects the room.

Step 4: Realize that that was a really ugly solution.  Bring the foam home and store in basement for years.

Step 5:

Stitches like Frankenstein.

Step 6:

Seriously - electric knives for foam.

Step 7:

This almost involved math.

It slopes all the way down.

So there you have it. It worked pretty well last night, but I’m impossibly high off the ground now, and it’s scary.  Good thing Cricket slept on my chest all night to hold me down.


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11 Responses to “You raise me up…..”

  1. Beth Said on:

    So, you put that on top of your mattress? Is Lloyd inclined, too, or is he just sleeping next to the on ramp?


  2. Kitt Said on:

    Wait … is that an electric carving knife???


  3. Brad Said on:

    Interesting… so how did you get the pieces to stick together? And I have the same question as Beth… On top of your mattress? You must be five or six feet off the ground at night!


  4. Lauren Said on:

    To answer you all: Yes/ no -- just next to the ramp/ yes! 😀 / sheer friction does it/ yes. And even though it was a comment and not a question, yes, I am six feet off the ground. It’s a little scary.


  5. Curt Said on:

    Well done Lauren!

    Oh by the way, another infomercial idea for you…foam cutting knives. I bet those Ginsue knives don’t do that!


  6. Michele Said on:

    Darn! I read the title of your post and thought maybe you ran into this guy:


  7. christina Said on:

    Please post a picture of the ramp on the bed. Last time I saw your bed it was on the floor, you must have done some major improvements.


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