Oh, it is SO on.

June 17, 2009


It’s not just that it’s hot (92 was the high) – it’s so humid today.

It’s incredibly humid.

It’s ‘my-arms-are-sticking-to-the-countertop-as-I-type-this’ humid.

It’s unbearable.


We made it until today, but the air conditioner is finally turned on – mostly to dry out the air. Clothes that I’ve hung up in the basement aren’t dry after a day, and the pipes down there (in the ceiling) are dripping with condensation. Of course, that means that the whole hallway curtain process has begun again, but I don’t need to tell you about that anymore – it’s old news.

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16 Responses to “Oh, it is SO on.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    You should run the heater. That would dry the house out, and I bet heat would run cheap during the off season.


  2. Deanne Said on:

    Yes, a necessary evil… I’m really glad that we’re not living in the days of the icebox.


  3. Karla Said on:

    We’ve had ours on for quite a while -- stupid allergies.


  4. Deborah Said on:

    We’ve had a very cool and rainy June. Bad for swimming lessons, but good for air conditioning. Haven’t turned it on yet.


  5. beth (rachel's wife) Said on:

    From St. Louis: high of 96 today (with humidity index dealy it will feel like 102) and I’m trying to hold out until the 4th of July weekend. 🙂

    My husband is never too happy with me and this little quirk of mine this time of year.

    Bath towels stopped drying by themselves a week ago.


  6. Curt Said on:

    Yup, I turned mine on as well. 🙁 I had it on for a night about a month ago, just because I had guests staying (I figured that was the right thing to do). What are your settings? I always question if I am using my thermostat right to save money. My settings: 80 when I am at home; 78 at night; 85 when I am at work.


    • Karla Said on:

      Ours is set at 78 when we’re home, and 83 at night and during the day when we’re gone. This is the first summer I’ve turned it up during the night. Usually when we wake up, the house is in the low to mid 70s, so either way it’s not coming on.


  7. Lauren's dad Said on:

    I know what you mean! The humidity is high here too, 60%!


  8. Peggy Said on:

    Today in Balto it is rainy & cool. Even I turned off the air.
    I love when you can open the windows and a cool breeze blows in.

    But usually by the end of the summer, we have to replace the little switch on the thermostat. It gets pushed back & forth at least 30 times a day. I’d like to keep it at 72, minimum.


  9. Kristi Said on:

    I’d run my AC if we had ELECTRICITY!!!! We lost power in the early morning hours. It was sticky, sticky, sticky in the house.


  10. Kristi Said on:

    I see that Cricket is in pictures again. Does this mean that Cricket’s health has improved???


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