Now with amphibians!

June 19, 2009


Happy Birthday to my nephew, Charlie!

Small now, freakishly long later.

There are toads by my ‘garden’. They scared the bejeebees out of me when I was on the phone with my brother, but I’m glad they’re there. They make it feel like a real place for growing, living things. Granted – weird-looking, bumpy, extreme-size-changing-powers kind of things, but living things nonetheless.

I’ve decided that I’m too lazy to make original Saturday posts, so I’ll just keep you updated on the Con*Blo*Gar. (I’m thinking of trademarking that – think it’ll catch on?)

Yep. Still growing.

Grow, tomatoes!

Oh, as a bonus, would you like a shot of the rain barrel during a light rain this morning? There was a torrential downpour about twenty minutes after this photo, but I was at work. I wonder if it shoots out straight when that happens! Nah, it probably just leaks out the top.

Does this make you have to go to the bathroom?

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4 Responses to “Now with amphibians!”

  1. Brad Said on:

    If you keep this up, you’ll have to add a “gardening” category to your website.

    Congratulations on not killing those plants. Yet.


  2. Lauren's dad Said on:

    Or the amphibian.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Your garden is doing great! It’s really grown!! And your toad is adorable! Way to go!! Much applause!!!

    (Hey Lauren-I wanted a nice big plant for my deck. I saw one I really liked, and Brad told me it was a hearty plant & I’d be fine with it. When Brad gets to NE & you’re back from your vacation, I’ll send him the pictures for you to see.)


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