Snow School Tuesday

December 7, 2009

Lloyd, School

Well, it’s official. (a) I don’t have school tomorrow and (b) Lauren hates me. I just got done updating the school website with the oh so happy news. Now I have to figure out what to do at home so that Lauren doesn’t hate that I had a day off when she had to work. Actually, she’ll probably spend the whole day hating me, and there’s not much I can do about that. I’ll just have to think of something to do to defuse the hatred when she gets home.

Any suggestions?

Yeah? Nothing is coming to me either. I’m pretty sure that none of these things will help:

  • Reading either of the two books I just bought.
  • Grading some programming assignments.
  • Working on Chapel for next Tuesday (we’d better not have a snowday next Tuesday).
  • Working on the school website
  • Playing a nice game of Civilization IV

Seriously, any suggestions?


  1. Shoveled snow
  2. Found right note for chimes for O Come O Come Emmanuel (for chapel)
  3. Drove Lauren back to work (she forgot her DDR)
  4. Today is a woot-off (proof of the existence of God)
  5. fixed some vandalism on wikipedia
  6. Shoveled some more
  7. Played Civilization IV
  8. Read some
  9. Ate Ham & Cheese Bagels for lunch
  10. Cleaning house
  11. Shoveling again
  12. Updating school website

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Lloyd Sommerer is a middle/high school teacher who likes to build websites, read books, grow beards, make fun of Lauren’s prototypes and eat the sauce of the picante.

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31 Responses to “Snow School Tuesday”

  1. Rachel in Cali Said on:

    Chico bag, windshield wiper blades, glasses cleaner, snuggie, labeled meat, pepsi and ramen, beer, SQUIRREL….. any of those work?


  2. Brad Said on:

    Dang. How did you get a snow day before I did? We get days off just for the prediction of snow. But guess what they’re saying about tomorrow morning? A possibility of freezing rain! Woo hoo! Freezing rain is the magical force that no school day can withstand!


    • Deanne Said on:

      Yeah, I’ve already told the kids that they’d better just start planning their sleep time now. There’s no way there will be school tomorrow.


  3. Lauren Said on:

    I don’t see ‘take a flying leap’ on your list.


  4. Deborah Said on:

    1. Buy a new stove.
    2. Clean the bathrooms.
    3. Make supper. Enough for leftovers for the next few days.


  5. Beth Said on:

    Erm. I would wait until the beer fully sets in before you mention anything about how tomorrow you’ll be home, too.

    And, I, too, will be teaching today when the rest of my Seward world is off. Would you like me to bring you Subway during naptime, Lauren?


  6. Peggy Said on:

    Geez Lloyd…no one seems to be happy for your snow day 🙁 Put me in with them too.

    I suggest that you rig up some sort of fire pit in your living room that Lauren can light when she gets home…and then have some awesome snacks to cook in the fire.

    (PS--Why is Lloyd off but not Lauren? And I guess Beth has to work because colleges don’t close like other schools—which I say BOO to—why can’t we be lumped in with the County closings-grrr!)


  7. Annette Said on:

    I have to teach today as well…heavens, I’ve always had to report on a snow day.

    Lloyd, I would second Deborah’s list, then take that flying leap!


  8. Peggy Said on:

    Isn’t it bad enough Lloyd that you’re home while the rest of us are not…do you have to throw slings at us too?

    Woot off to you too!!


  9. Kristi Said on:

    Cook a fantastic meal by candle-light for your hard-working wife. And, you have to use the Max thingie. Maybe that will push you to get the NEW STOVE ALREADY!!!!!


    • Deanne Said on:

      That is to say, cook a fantastic meal (or just something edible) and then have the candles all lit when Lauren comes in the door.

      Lauren would probably love it if you figured out a way to cook with candles, but I just don’t see how you can accomplish it.


  10. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Glad you shoveled the snow. We have 5-6 inches of the fluffy stuff on the ground and Dad’s snow thrower won’t work. It’s beautiful, but we are supposed to go in to Delta to VOLUNTEER at the hospital.


  11. Curt Said on:

    Lloyd, I say do anything you want even if it is nothing. Don’t listen to any of those women except for the one your married to. Take a flying leap off the couch, or the bed, or a small soap box. Anything that won’t hurt you too bad.


  12. Curt Said on:

    So what vandalism did you fix on wikipedia?


  13. Brad Said on:

    Lauren forgot her Dance Dance Revolution?


    • Lloyd Said on:

      She came back and got it (and me). I drove her to school and took the car back so that it didn’t get plowed in at school. She has 7 kids today.


      • Brad Said on:

        Lauren has a Dance Dance Revolution? How come it never came out during a game of “Settlers”? It would be a great way to pass the time while other people were taking their turns.


  14. Kristi Said on:

    Have you started on supper yet? Get going, man!


  15. Lauren's dad Said on:

    So, Lloyd, what are you going to do tomorrow? Have you thought of buying a snow thrower instead of an oven?


  16. Beth Said on:

    Did anyone else notice the a is backwards?


  17. Keren Lowell Said on:

    What is a ‘snow day’?


  18. Kristi Said on:

    So what did you make for supper, Lloyd?


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