Not fair.

Our neighbors have an ool.

Look at him floating.

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6 Responses to “Not fair.”

  1. Keren Said on:

    That is totally not fair.


  2. Nigel Said on:

    Can’t you become their new best friends? At least till winter? 🙂


  3. Brad Said on:

    One of my co-workers has a pool. She uses foam noodles to float like that too. One time when I visited I did it. It’s like sitting in an invisible lounge chair.


  4. Rae Said on:

    I noticed that your neighbors have an OOL. Did you want to add the P? 🙂 Or do they have a sign stating the following:
    “Welcome to our Ool. Notice there is no P in it. Please keep it that way.”

    I would get the hose out and spray him from your vantage point. 🙂


  5. Peggy Said on:

    Well! Who do they think they are taunting you like that? I’m with Nigel, become they’re new best friends (isn’t everyone already best friends with everyone in Seward?)

    In the meantime, I’ll let this guy speak for me:


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