I’ve never been a coffin nail before.

October 7, 2010


I’m sorry Sun Chips.

You all may have heard the tragic news that Sun Chips is discontinuing their compostable bags due to the excessive noisiness of the bag. I did a little post on the bags a while ago, and along with that was a video.

Well, the views on the video really peaked around the time of the announcement this week. I wouldn’t have known anything about it except that I got an e-mail notification that someone had left a comment on the video. Someone who feels that I, along with everyone else who said the bags were noisy, should have some profane things done to some very private parts. (I deleted the comment. He should have his mouth washed out. With Sun Chips.)

That's a bunch of views.

Anyway, I’m sorry Sun Chips. I liked your noisy bag, and I love your delicious chips.

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5 Responses to “I’ve never been a coffin nail before.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I was fascinated to hear about their announcement to discontinue the noisy bags. Marketing can be tricky. I wish the breakfast cereal people would reverse some of their changes… I miss round-shaped Trix, white powder covered CocoaPuffs, Crunch Berries with only red berries, and Alpha-Bits that don’t taste nasty.


  2. Kristi Said on:

    After reading the article in the newspaper, I immediately remembered your post about the noisy Sun Chips. People really should read your blog more often; they could have discovered the truth about the Sun Chips earlier and saved themselves a lot of wasted time.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Wow Lauren! You’re famous!! You’re a Green Hero!! (even though they’re changing the bag…I bet you got a lot of people thinking) You should consider posting ways to straighten out our country!

    I love Sun Chips too & I just bought a bag of them this past week. Last night I ate a handful (no joke)…and I thought to myself … well, this is one snack you can never sneak!

    (I didn’t hear about them getting rid of the bag. :()


    • Lauren Said on:

      Not so famous, unfortunately. Some real bag-haters got all the fame.

      Brad, I think you’re wrong about the Trix. I LOVED the fruit-shaped Trix because they made excellent cornucopia snacks (cracker, frosting, Bugle ‘cornucopia’ and Trix ‘fruit). Haven’t they switch back to dumb old spheres?


      • Brad Said on:

        Changing the shape changed the flavor. The new fruit-shaped Trix tasted disgusting. HAVE they switched back? If so, I need to get me some Trix!


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