Cheap Eats

October 16, 2010


I needed to run to Lincoln this afternoon, while Lloyd stayed home for some important Game Playing. As I was heading back home, the lady on the radio was talking about cooking with wine and I was passing Heartland Pantry. It seemed like a good time to go buy some cheap wine, seeing that Trader Joes’ doesn’t open until December.

I went during the Texas/Nebraska game, so the place was deserted. It was fascinating wandering the aisles all by myself. It’s a store that mostly carries the store brand for Hy-Vee, the big grocery chain in Lincoln. I grabbed a couple of things that were super-cheap, like these bags of cereal that were 59 cents each! And those cans of juice concentrate for 75 cents each!

When it was time to check out I hadn’t really done the math, so I was shocked when the bill total was under five bucks. I reacted in a shocked manner but the guy at the register didn’t care – his eyes were glazed over as he listened to the game on the radio. (I could have walked out without paying, then it would have been free!)

The cereal bags were 12 ounces!

Heartland Pantry, our paths shall cross again soon, seeing as how I forgot to buy some of your $3 wine.

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7 Responses to “Cheap Eats”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I wonder what your record number of items per dollar could be? It would be a fun contest.


  2. Lauren's dad Said on:

    For supper last night, Mom opened a can of Kroger pears. In it were all of four halves, two pears!


  3. Kristi Said on:

    How much were the donettes? I LOVE those!


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Are those Chocolate Frosted Flakes?!? They don’t exist here in MD…how do they taste?


    • Lauren Said on:

      I have a half-giant-bag of Honey Nut Scooters to get through before I try them. (I try to finish a type of cereal before moving on to something new.)


      • christina Said on:

        We bought plastic cerial boxes so we can have a smorgasboard of cerial to select from. One entire row of my pantry is cereal all open and available at any time!


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