Now I just need the talent!

November 6, 2011


Beth has loaned me her old violin to mess around with, and Lloyd really, really, really, really, really wants to thank her.

In person.

With a hammer.

Lauren (screeching on the strings): Am I driving you crazy?

Lloyd (sighing): No more than usual.

It's a kid's version, but I'm rather immature, so it works out.

In college I took an “Intro To Strings” class, and our instructor was pleasantly surprised that I had such good bowing techniques. I told him it was from lots and lots of ‘poor baby’ violin mockery in my family. We were virtuosos!

(You should see me play the world’s tiniest violin.)

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3 Responses to “Now I just need the talent!”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Heh. I remember that violin. And the pain it brings.


  2. Mark Said on:


    “This is the world’s smmmalllllesst violin….and I’m playing it jjjuuuusssstt for you.” Violin mockery skills never fade away.

    Skilz. We haz dem.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    I’ve got it! Just think of the beautiful music we could make… Lauren…you on the violin, me on vocals….it would be a sell-out!

    (My husband insists we have the concert in Nebraska)


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