Re’sume’ addition: Miller

April 2, 2012


Remember that 100-grain hot cereal I was all crazy for? Well, it’s still good, but I hardly ever eat it. You know how middle-aged kids are – they go on eating jags (hot cereal, homemade bread, chicken pot pie) and then they never go back.

Well, I wanted pancakes this weekend and thought I could jazz them up with whole grains. The actual grains themselves would have been hard to tuck into a pancake, so I ground ’em up.

Immersion blender – GO!

A bit left in the jar, but I have a whole bag downstairs.

The motor started to make an odd smell.

Good enough.

It worked out alright, I guess.

I no longer use a recipe when making pancakes, so each batch is an adventurous event. The method is:
Some flour and some other thing (flax, this time that weird flour)
a pinch of salt
A pour of sugar
Some baking powder. (Remind me, I need to buy more baking powder.)
In a seperate bowl:
beat an egg. Dump some out if only making 2 pancakes
Add some milk to it so it’s about as much volume as the flour.
Add a couple of drops of vanilla.
Mix briefly. Assess. Too dry? More milk. Too wet? More flour.

It doesn’t matter – I’m the only one who eats them. I do like to chop up strawberries and throw them in the batter, though those giant ones from Sam’s are starting to look pretty mutated.

It that a head or a baby?


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4 Responses to “Re’sume’ addition: Miller”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Hehe… If I tried to make pancakes following that recipe, my final result would probably end up being weird… maybe some liquid that never solidified, no matter how long I cooked it. I’ll stick with measuring for now.

    Also, remember to get baking powder.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Wow…that is so healthy! Way to go! You could be my chef anytime Lauren!

    It’s funny, I’ve never added ‘extras’ to my pancakes before….and what a simple & great idea! I think I’ll start with a crushed up twinkie.


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