So I guess we have a cat.

April 23, 2012


Let me begin this post by saying that despite all the steps that have been taken, none of this is set in stone. My affections are still on hold while waiting for this ‘cat’ thing to pan out.

So. Here’s the scoop.

There has been a cat that has been hanging around my school for weeks – maybe a couple of months. It’s been known to frolic on the playground around the kids once or twice, and seemed pretty friendly in a ‘Pet me! Pet me! Then I’ll try to bite you and think it’s funny’ kind of way. The second time she was around I thought, “If she’s still there after school, it’s meant to be and I’ll take her home”, but she wasn’t. A long time would go by between sightings, and one of the toddlers who lives across the street from school was telling us that it was his cat. His mom said that it wasn’t – it was just a stray that they felt sorry for so they fed it once in a while.

Last Thursday it spent the entire day curled up by the front steps of the school in a little garden area. Several people commented on how skinny she was, so I sneaked her some food. She was gone when I went home.

The next morning she was back, with two well-fed-looking tabbies giving her the eye. I shooed them off, gave her a little more food, and went about my day. That evening I stayed late to work on painting the playground fence and I kept hearing meowing. Around 8:30 I walked to my truck – going through the police parking lot – and there was the cat, sitting in a humane trap.

Hmmpf. There’s your sign, Lauren.

I took her home, fed her some food and waited for Lloyd. We agreed to get her checked out at the vet to see if she had some serious illnesses before deciding what to do. Meanwhile, we learned some things about her:

* She is ugly. Well, I knew that ahead of time. She’s a tortoiseshell, which is my least favorite kind of cat. Oh, well.
* She has bad bathroom manners. She can use a litter box, but she squats gracelessly and doesn’t know how to cover her business. That is a problem.
* She doesn’t mind having her head rubbed – unless she does, then she’ll growl and try to bite.
* She has a hurt back leg, which might be the reason that if you try to scritch her back, she gets mad.
* She sleeps aaaaalllllll the time.

I took her to the vet today and she checked out. No feline leukemia, she got some wormer medicine just in case, and he said having her eat wet food should help her become less dehydrated. If we decide to keep her, we should bring her back in a month for shots.

Really, very unattractive.

So, there’ that. We might need help thinking up names.

My picks:
Admiral Ackbar (Because she was found in a trap)
Batman (Because she’s so mysterious-looking)
Ugly Cat
P.C. (for playground cat, then if we get another we can call it Mac)

Lloyd’s picks:
Dr. Quinn, medicine cat
Either Boris or Natasha – may involve getting another cat
Princess Buttercup

Your suggestions?

Oh, the other thing? I think this might be Brent and Sandra’s runaway cat from a few months ago. If so, maybe they want her back?

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8 Responses to “So I guess we have a cat.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Congratulations! (maybe)
    It’s good to have a nice “how we met” story.

    My name suggestions:
    Snowball (because she’s so fluffy)
    Orangina (because that’s a delicious drink)
    Bella (named after Twilight’s beautiful heroine, who is also dark and mysterious)


    • Lloyd Said on:

      Her coat is in terrible shape. She really could use a bath (she doesn’t smell bad, just really dusty), but I don’t want to attempt that until her leg is better.

      I”m also hoping that a better diet will help too. I like shiny cats.


  2. Nicola Said on:

    Bless you. And she should be called Lucky -- lucky you’ve taken her in. You get extra points because of all the reasons you stated for NOT having her, and having her anyway.


  3. Beth Said on:


    Because she was the ugly one that Jacob wasn’t really sure he wanted, but God made him take her anyway.

    Or Agnes. Because it’s a cool name.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    If it makes you feel any better, we rescued the oddest looking dog ever and he has been the most loyal, loveable dog ever! My cousin says he looks like he was put together with a bunch of left over dog parts.

    Kudos to you for saving the cat! Was she really in a trap?

    My suggestions:

    Crookshanks (because that cat was magical, right?)
    Ellie (a combination name that means beautiful)
    Callie (means most beautiful)

    She’ll live up to the name!


  5. Lauren's mom Said on:

    I think she looks like the flowers and leaves on your couch.


  6. Lauren's dad Said on:

    Smokie Soot.


  7. michelle Said on:

    Yes, I thought she looked by the flowers on the couch too.


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