Cat on a warm, green asphalt roof

May 29, 2012

Princess Batman

Last Friday night I fell asleep on the sofa (as is my custom), but when I got up at midnight I opened all the windows as I stumbled up to the bed to let in all the wonderfully cool night air.

Later the next day I went around closing the windows and noticed that the screen was up. I asked Lloyd what was happening and he said, “Yeah. I opened that yesterday.”


“Where’s the cat?” I asked.

This is a re-enactment.

Having her on the roof wasn’t really the big deal. We used to let Cricket and Pfennig out fairly often – it’s a good way for them to get a little fresh air without having to chase them down when it’s time to come in. Sure, there’s the threat of falling to your death, but that’s nothing for a cat. ‘Just don’t leap after a bird’, that’s what I say. The big deal was all the moths that flew in our house overnight, plus the possibility of bats coming in. (That can no longer happen.)

Another reason it doesn’t bother me: if she’s on the roof she can’t get pregnant.


Er, more pregnant.

We’re not sure.

I guess we’ll know in five weeks if she’s expecting or just fat. There’s no polite way to ask that question, you know.

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5 Responses to “Cat on a warm, green asphalt roof”

  1. Brad Said on:

    If she’s pregnant, you can start bringing kittens as a hostess gift when coming to dinner at someone’s house.
    “Thank you for dinner. Here’s a kitten.”


  2. Deborah Said on:

    Remind me not to invite you for dinner.


  3. Beth Said on:


    Last week Friday there was a garage sale across the street from you. The kids and I stopped. And while at the garage sale, Tara decided she needed to go potty. NOW. So, we walked over to your house. I apologize for not telling you sooner. It was an emergency of Tara proportions. I’m sure you understand.

    Anyway, we went in for Tara to go potty. PB was lounging on your couch. And I scritched her head. And wondered to myself…hmmm…is she pregnant?


    The children will want kittens. The husband will not.


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