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It’s all relative

June 30, 2012


It's all relative

I spoke before about my love of tiny homes. Any kind of tiny space really. In fact, in my daydreams I often think of tiny homes that really don’t have enough room for Lloyd being there, which makes it kind of awkward. In my daydreams. (No hidden meaning Lloyd.) When we went to Kansas City […]

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How long can I keep this up?

June 29, 2012


celery r2

Did you know you can lop off the end of the stalk of celery and re-pot it? Follow these directions to do so. I’ve become insufferable. I can’t walk by this thing without saying in my Scarlet O’Hara voice, “With God as my witness – I shall never buy celery again!”

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Keyboard Messin’

June 28, 2012


Lloyd is doing something to iPhoto and I can’t get to my pictures. Let’s mess around. While logging into my account, I misspelled my name: Laauren. Huh. What would it look like with other extra letters? Llauren Lauuren Laurren Laureen Laurenn The double ‘e’ just brought back flashbacks, because that’s how my 8th grade English […]

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Take me out to the furnace…

June 27, 2012


Take me out to the furnace...

The KittenCam is still up and running – it’s over to the right. Here’s today’s top story: After running wire on Saturday we drove to Kansas City for a Royals vs. Cardinals game on Sunday. It was hot. I don’t know how to stress that enough. It was hot. We had just come off of […]

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Just like the Decorah Eagles only KittenCam

June 26, 2012


Only with less funding. Oh, and I guess you have to press the play button. Watch live video from lsommerer on It also tends to quit at random times, so if nothing is showing, just imagine kittens.

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All wired up

June 25, 2012



As part of our iPad project at Lincoln Lutheran, we’re redoing our wireless network. What you might not expect is that in order to redo our wireless network we ran over a mile of new wires on Saturday. If you are thinking that it is strange to run that much wire and still call it […]

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