Saturday ketchup

June 22, 2012

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Or catsup if you prefer.


‘Catch up’. That’s what I meant.

Here are pictures from the Peperkorn visit that I kept not putting up. We had a really nice time, and I am continually in awe that the children of our friends – who used to be just babies – are growing up into actual people. It’s the weirdest thing.

The Gebhardt girls and younger Peperkorns were MIA.

There was some excited giggling and playing from the kid crowd. We took many trips to see Princess Batman in the basement because I though she might be having kittens soon. They played Statue Making in the guest bedroom and Hex Bugs upstairs in the playroom. At one point they discovered the candy stash by the door and sneaked a bit. Their youngest came up to Kathryn and breathlessly said with her chocolately smile, “We are having so. much. fun.”

Beata is too fast for cameras.

Kathryn has a genius packing method for their clothes – they keep all their stuff in those little plastic drawers! You don’t have to dig through suitcases, and can just be left in the camper. (They stayed in our house due to bad weather, though. I was happy!)

Smart Smart Smart.

In other news, Lloyd has conned some people into helping pull wire for their ‘wireless’ network at school, and I’m going in to ‘help’. This ought to be interesting.

What are you doing today?

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2 Responses to “Saturday ketchup”

  1. Brad Said on:

    It’s good to see the Peperkorns again, even if it is just virtually.


  2. Christina Said on:

    We painted Paul’s office and now I am waiting for people to get ready so I can go get a new camera!


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