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Breaking up the band

September 14, 2012

Princess Batman

And then there were 3 (or maybe 4, depending on how you count ’em).

They have an ON mode and an OFF mode.

Today Tim and Tara are coming over to pickup Fat Charlie and Mika. Lauren, I’m sure, will cry. I will keep a stiff upper lip. After all, they will be a total of 3 blocks away.

It turns out that they are all nice kittens. They are the tamest kittens that I’ve ever had (we had lots of cats and kittens while I was growing up). They let you hold them and pet them. When they play, they don’t use claws. They are well on their way to learning that you can only jump up on the counter when there’s no one home to see you do it.

Contrary to popular belief, you can have too many kittens.

There’s one left if anyone wants a kitten.



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4 Responses to “Breaking up the band”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Awww… They sound like nice kittens. You raised them well.


  2. Beth Said on:

    Gah! That makes me feel terrible for being the band-breaker!

    But all will be well…we’ll be over this morning. Tara says at 8am. We’ll see if I’m showered by then. 😀


    • Lauren Said on:

      Don’t feel bad -- it’s all good. Lloyd was out buying sympathy donuts, and I saw you coming, so I jumped in the shower so you wouldn’t see me cry. (Gotta keep up that tough, street-wise, hard-nosed cop image that I’ve worked so hard to cultivate.)

      I’m so glad they are going to a great home! Your house is going to be a fun place today!. 🙂


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Sympathy donuts help. I’ll have a sympathy Taskykake for you here on the East Coast.

    And as hard as it was to keep up with their up-keep, it is sad to send them off. It’s the same with kids.

    But YAY for them being so near by!

    Let us know how the other kittens react & how Bobby the Wondercat does too.


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