Now Lloyd is cool, too. Thanks, Tammy!

September 29, 2012


Friday afternoon I started feeling sick, so Saturday was a day of alternating between sleeping and trying to get things done. I believe that I made a post earlier about weekend coma naps, where one of the symptoms is thinking that someone is in the house. Well, during one of my naps, I thought I heard Beth, and it turns out – it was really her! She dropped off a bag for Lloyd from Tammy, the amazing knitter!

Excellent color choice, in my opinion.

It is truly awesome – great colors and even magnetic snaps on the flap!

I’ll let Lloyd express his thanks in his own words:

I love it!

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6 Responses to “Now Lloyd is cool, too. Thanks, Tammy!”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Very cool. Good job, Tammy! I think it’s interesting that the colors are regularly spaced on the bag, but make an interesting pattern on the flap. Two different techniques, or just how the yarn happened to fall?


  2. Lauren's mom Said on:


    Why are your curtains all tied up? Kittens?


  3. Kristi Said on:

    A happy boy indeed.


  4. Tammy Said on:

    Stripy yarn has it’s own mind for the most part so the patterns are from just how it came out. Lloyd, I’m glad you like it.


    • Lloyd Said on:

      It is truly a thing of beauty. It reminds me of book bags from when I was in grade school, only except with more computing power than ran the first trip to the moon inside.


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