Politics make me crazy

November 1, 2012


I realize I am in dangerous waters here, so don’t get your panties in a twist – I’m not going to let you comment on politics anyway. This is my soapbox.

Let me begin by saying that I am a political dunce. I barely know what’s going on in the world, and I realize that it makes me a bad citizen and I have no one to blame but myself.  It is largely due to laziness, but partly due to the way that people with political interests handle themselves.

My platform statements:

  1. Everybody (with strong opinions) in the world thinks they are right, and the other side is wrong. Everybody.
  2. If somebody thinks differently than you do, they think that you are wrong.
  3. Expressing your viewpoint in a kind way is acceptable, yet still annoying to people who aren’t interested.
  4. Sticking to facts on just the issues is acceptable, yet still annoying to people who aren’t interested.
  5. Expressing your viewpoint in a heated/passionate way is not going to change anyone’s mind that has the opposite viewpoint. In fact, it will galvanize them on their own position.
  6. Expressing an opinion of a candidate (or any other person) in a mean, so-called ‘funny’ or derogatory way makes me like that person more, even if I had zero interest in them previously, because I want to passive-aggressively punish you for being so jerky.

That is all.

In preschool we are broaching the idea of voting, but not by voting for people. I explained the presidential process, but told them that in our room, I have $30 to spend on ONE toy. We will go through the catalog to find likely candidates, but then we’ll have to vote on just ONE. I hope for some good campaigning.

So, NO political comments or I’ll delete them. I don’t want anyone’s blood pressure to rise over this. Instead, you must vote for one of the following toy options:

A. Transforming Alphabet/Robot set

B. Human Body (non-zombie version)

C. Playstix

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8 Responses to “Politics make me crazy”

  1. Ribs Said on:

    What a fantastic idea Lauren! When I was at primary school we had mock-elections. Admittedly I was a wee bit older than your kids, but the whole school voted, including the rising 5s. It was horrible.

    For some insane reason I was a candidate, despite being painfully shy. Of course I lost and as a parting shot blurted out, “If more people voted for me I would have won.” What I had planned to say was: “If people hadn’t just voted for their friends and read my damn manifesto, I would have won.”

    Yep, still bitter after all these years.


  2. Kris Said on:

    Such cool toys! I was all set to play along and vote, but I like them all:)


  3. Brad Said on:

    I vote for the Playstix! They’re brightly colored and shiny. 🙂


  4. Tammy Said on:

    When I first saw the alphabet/robot set, I liked it, but then, I looked at the playstix. I must vote for them, the creative possibilities are endless! If your class votes to get these, may I come play with them, I mean help supervise the children who will play with them.


  5. Kristi Said on:

    Playstix. You can use them to build your own robots or human bodies.


  6. Beth Said on:


    And I, too, hate politics.


  7. Mary Ellen Said on:

    I love the Educational Party candidate, The Human Body, but it looks kinda like an actual Presidential candidate so to avoid any sniff of politics I’m going with PlayStix, the Imagination Party candidate. But my prediction is that the Cool Party candidate, Transforming Robot Letters, is gonna win by a landslide and then just like so many other Cool Party candidates, will transform into something different after they take office.


  8. Heather Said on:

    Transformer letters without a doubt. You have until 9:00 tonight to vote in our election if you’d like. We have no cool toys, just delicious sugar filled candy-dates.


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