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January 25, 2013


Ok, I’m just linking to one today: Better Living Through Design. I don’t need to buy or own a lot of stuff, but I do really like to see things that are designed in interesting ways.

Case in point: This apartment. See? I told you I was obsessed with tiny spaces.

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6 Responses to “Sites I like”

  1. Gretchen Said on:

    I am a fan of The Non-Comsumer Advocate blog and this entry made me think of both you and Brad…


    • Lauren Said on:

      Gretchen, I love you!! I saw this a while ago and could never find it again!! Everyone should watch it because it’s so clever.

      Nutshell version: Housekeeper in San Francisco (living in a shed in friend’s yard) buys land in undeveloped suburb in Hawaii to build tiny house for cheap. Higher-ups won’t let him get contractors to build a tiny house, so he gets blueprints for a big McMansion, gets contractors, but has them start building the detached garage. They do, then he stops construction and lives in his awesome garage!!


    • Peggy Said on:

      I LOVE that little Hawaiian house! I would totally retire to it…or just live there if I could find a job. We should start a little community of little houses….what do you think?

      (I can’t access Brad’s site. Bandwidth error message????)


  2. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Where is the kitchen? At the front end?


  3. Brad Said on:

    I like how gadgety that apartment is.


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