Ranch Dressing Soda

July 22, 2013


Last week when the boys and I were in Lincoln, we picked up several bottles of weird pop flavored with the intent of sampling them when Sam and Rachel were here….. but we forgot.

Oops. Sorry, guys.

Yesterday the Pesters came over for lunch so we broke out one of the bottles to try – Ranch Dressing! Now think about it for a minute. It sounds gross, but kind of intriguing, right? I thought since we were having carrots and sugar snap peas, maybe we could even dip them in the pop.

Well, it was a vast disappointment on several levels. For starters, it was sweet! Bleh! When I’m expecting salty soda, I want salty soda. Then other thing was that it didn’t actually have any ranch flavor at all, it was just kind or ‘wrong sweet’ tasting. A big thumbs down all ’round.

Hmmmm…. What to try next? Cucumber? Peanut butter? Bacon?

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5 Responses to “Ranch Dressing Soda”

  1. Peggy Said on:

    HA! That is hilarious! I wonder if they have any repeat buyers or just get rich on having people try it once.

    And I agree with you on the Blech! Of course I don’t like real salad dressing, so who am I to judge.

    Do you really have those other flavors? I can’t wait to hear how they taste!


  2. Brad Said on:

    It was really gross. I couldn’t even drink a small shot glass of it.


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