Just for Curt

August 22, 2013

Kittens, Videos

Warning: I am being very lazy with this post. Sorry in advance.

Curt, if you are still reading this, I was remembering when you said you liked it when cats fought. “Not mean fighting, just wrestling around.” Well, remember these guys? This video is just to show that it’s not all uncomfortable loving around here.

Oh, and don’t worry about their temperaments. Immediately after this rough-and-tumble session, they fell asleep in the sunshine.


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7 Responses to “Just for Curt”

  1. Lloyd Said on:

    This is just cats fighting.


  2. Brad Said on:

    I wish people could do that. Wouldn’t it be fun to try to beat the crap out of someone, then act like it never happened and just take a nap?

    (sorry for my strong language)

    I guess it does help that they have fur as padding. If two people punched each other in the face, it might require stitches. That could get bothersome.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Awwww …. I think that is really cute! Being a dog person, I didn’t know that cats play like that. I think dogs get much rougher.

    Do cats wag their tails to show they’re just playing? Whenever my dog & Marty (my grandpuppy) play rough, as long as they’re tails are wagging I know it hasn’t escalated into something more.


  4. Lauren's mom Said on:

    As I used to say to kids that were fighting: Well, I guess it’s more fun than being bored.”


  5. Curt Said on:

    Woohoo..That’s great!! Thanks Lauren!!

    They are pretty quiet. Are they ever vocal when they play? Or is that just when they are really fighting?


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