Computer tinkering

October 2, 2013


Tonight I tried to record some video but my iPad said I didn’t have enough memory. Don’t be so insulting, iPad.

I spent some time going through the hundreds of photos and tens of videos and bought back some precious space back. I really need to upload the photos of the kids to a. Flickr account so I’m not hauling around all those pictures. I need the renovations at St. John to finish, too so I can be done collecting those photos. (I’m the self-appointed documentor.)

Later this evening my friend Kate called to ask to borrow my cute little laptop. Remember this thing? I never use it anymore. I think it feels abandoned.

Sorry, button. 🙁


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2 Responses to “Computer tinkering”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Is there a way to transfer content from an iPad onto a flash drive? Maybe Dropbox is an option…


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Haha! Don’t be insulting, iPad. What’s next from our computers…’re having a bad hair day? Your outfit doesn’t llok good? You have chocolate on your face?


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