Savin’ two bucks

November 8, 2013


The flashlight on my keychain broke off again. This is the second time that’s happened, so it was time for a replacement. I bought the two-dollar twin at Walmart, brought it home and thought, “Y’know, the same thing is just going to happen again. It’s that little thing inside that snaps off. Could there be another way?”

Yes, there was another way. It involved searching downstairs for a tiny screwdriver that I know is just going to get lost. Sorry, tiny screwdriver. Life is hard.


My original intent was to see if I could drill through the case and stick it on a keyring, but it turns out that my drill is at home and my backup drill Lloyd’s drill is in the trunk of his car. (He is/was gone.)

As it turns out, there’s a handy little hole inside the body of the flashlight. Some waxed twine and a couple of square knots later and I’m in business!


Take that, winter darkness.

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One Response to “Savin’ two bucks”

  1. Brad Said on:

    That was risky, taking the flashlight apart like that. I don’t know if I would have attempted that. Congratulations on still having a working flashlight.


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