January 12, 2014


I feel badly that the cats don’t go outside. Not badly enough to let them, but there is a twinge of guilt. I moved a shelf in the bathroom closer to the window so they could see the birds and squirrels.


The birds and squirrels that they will never, ever catch.


Wally is taking it hard.


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7 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Have any of them done that chittering noise that cats sometimes do when watching squirrels?


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Awww…the 3 of them looking out is priceless! What a great back-of-the-heads shot!

    Are these 3 cats more like:
    a. The Three Stooges
    b. The Three Musketeers
    c. The Three Branches of Goverment


  3. Tammy Pester Said on:

    I used to feel guilty about not letting Atti out (because we did for awhile -- so when we stopped, I felt like were punishing her). But she didn’t do well outside -- no sense of danger and got herself into some jams that required a ladder to retrieve her. She got used to being in and doesn’t even try to go out when we open the door -- now as long as the sun is coming in a window, she’s fine. She does chatter at the birds. One day a bunny came up to our front step -- she had a complete melt down! Considering how tightly wound she is normally -- a melt down is a pretty dramatic thing to see.


  4. Beth Said on:

    I’ll be sure not to let Chewy and Gracie talk to their siblings. That might cause some wildlife-hunting-jealousy issues… 😉


    • Lauren Said on:

      No joke. There would be an uprising.

      No chittering that I’ve noticed, but yesterday Emme did a sneaky slink across the computer desk to see something outside. It was surprisingly graceful for a pudgy cat.

      The way they eat, Peggy, it’s more like the three little pigs.


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