A day of ladders and roofs

March 29, 2014



We had an outdoor clean-up day at the CDC today and I confessed to my director that I HATED yardwork. (I am even a teacher who doesn’t like the children to say ‘hate’ because it’s such a strong word. Hate is completely appropriate here, in fact – it’s not strong enough.) Anyway, I said I’d come to help, but that I’d do the gutters. My fear of falling off a roof is less than my hatred of yard maintenance.


I got up there (I have a paranoid-heavy way to get up there with no chance of falling) and started to scoop leaves. They seemed to be stuck. “Great,” I thought, “They have been up here so long they are cemented to the gutter.” Nope. It turns out that they were encased in ice.



It was supposed to be a warmer day, so I moved to the south side of the building. There’s a mansard there (the fake wall) that makes me feel 1000% more comfortable. When there were leaves sticking up out of the ice, I could pry down to get big chunks out.


That took a good 45 minutes, and by then the south side had melted enough that I could get big slabs out. I think it went faster that way! Rachel stopped by and visited with me while I scooped, and that was very pleasant.  🙂

Then it was over to church to check on Sam and Lloyd. They were working on more wireless nonsense. I happened upon them when they were upstairs in the old part of the school, looking up at an attic door that had daylight shining through. Daylight.  There was a little attic space and then a door to the roof, and the door to the roof wasn’t on anymore.

I had my old camera with me for the day’s pictures, and this was the last blurry photo I took before the battery died.  Don’t gawk at Lloyd’s bottom – notice the daylight. The daylight.



Lloyd and Sam went up on the roof.  Here are Lloyd’s much nicer photos:



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7 Responses to “A day of ladders and roofs”

  1. Deborah Said on:

    Did they find the door? Is the door back on?


    • Lauren Said on:

      Yes, the door/cap is back on, and I have offered to secure it with an L-bracket, but Lloyd just walked away muttering.

      What? What did I say?



  2. Kristi Said on:

    Was the little door taken for a sled? It appears to be a bit bigger than the Brommer trays.

    Then you could have titled your post “Chutes and Ladders.”


  3. Brad Said on:

    I thought I had read somewhere that rooves is not a word, but I use it anyway. I’m typing this on my phone as I sit in my car, so I won’t be checking the Internet for an answer right now.


  4. Curt Said on:

    When I saw your pic of you sitting cross-legged on the edge of the roof made my hands and feet tingle and ache. Unfortunately my fear of heights kicks in just by looking at pictures. I like the pic of the church from the school roof.


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