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The last one – for real.

April 30, 2014


Ok, just read yesterday’s info about this video. I shortened it quite a bit to get it to load, so forgive how awfully it pieces together. Just enjoy these youngsters and ponder that NONE of them had cell phones, for they had not been invented yet. Oh, to be clear, the name of Steve and […]

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Last one, I promise.

April 29, 2014


Holy cow. I’m having trouble. Just wait for the video tomorrow. Lloyd and Brad were asked by someone to ‘host’ Spring Weekend in 1991 and act like they were a news team. At least that’s what I was told. It’s entirely possible they lied to me and jut stole a video camera. In fact, that’s […]

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More video!

April 28, 2014


I hope you’re not busy at work today. So here is what started the whole video download extravaganza. The following link is to a ten-minute long promotional video from 1994, which was Concordia’s centennial. The footage was shot a couple of years before that, and it cracks me up – the hair, the clothes, the […]

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Ninja-kickin’ cowboy skilz!

April 27, 2014


For some reason I got a wild hair to look through the VHS tapes that are just sitting in a milk crate in my basement. We have a collection of movies we’ll never watch, TV shows that were taped to watch later (remember those days?) and various memory tapes. It’s not a huge collection, but […]

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He thought it was weird.

April 26, 2014



Ok, first a pan update. I put hot water in the pan and let half of a dishwasher tablet dissolve for a couple of hours, then scrubbed with a nylon pad. Dumped that water, did it all over again and now I am done with it. The above photo shows my own gross pan on […]

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Scouring Saturday?

April 26, 2014



God grief. I think I’m going to have to just write Saturday’s post on Saturday. (Same old song of falling asleep early.) So, up in the banner is an ancient pan from work that was replaced, but I said, “Don’t throw it out – I’ll mess with it.” Tune in later to see if I […]

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