Yesterday’s April Fools’s Joke

April 1, 2015

Lloyd, Nerd, School

I should have posted this yesterday, so you could enjoy it, but I actually forgot about it until about 6:00 yesterday morning.  Jonathon Swärdén wrote the JavaScript that replaces all of the images on a webpage with pictures of Nicholas Cage, Bill Murray, Vanilla Ice, Steven Sigal and kittens.


Our Executive Director texted me this morning:


We were talking about various Practical Jokes on the Nebraska Technology Coordinator’s email list yesterday and I posted the link to our website along with what our Executive Director said and got this reply back:

“Lloyd, what was on the webpage. We did not see it!!”

I went with:

“Hint: Nicholas Cage, Bill Murray, Steven Seagal, and Ice Tea haven’t gone to Lincoln Lutheran for years.”




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7 Responses to “Yesterday’s April Fools’s Joke”

  1. Brady G. Said on:

    I feel in a weird way that Scott deserves it (at Seward together).


  2. Lauren Said on:

    At my school, the toddler teacher replaced the toilet paper in the staff bathroom with a roll of duct tape and a sign that said, “Good luck!” It was hilarious!


  3. Peggy Said on:


    Sadly, there were no jokes at my work. But I’m going to tuck away that toilet paper one for next year.


  4. Brad Said on:

    The only April Fool’s Day jokes I heard were from the kindergarteners in Computer Class:

    I know everything about computers! April fools!
    My (colored with crayons) paper doesn’t have any color on it! April fools!
    I like apples! April fools!
    I’m sitting in a chair! April fools!


    • Deborah Said on:

      Because of those types of April Fools jokes, I let my 3rd graders know that they could do all the jokes they wanted to when they got home.


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