Behold the ravages of age

August 16, 2015


Today actually had quite a few things going on that I could have posted about.

1) Today was a make-up day for when a lady on the altar guild subbed for us back in July. When we arrived at 7:40 (church starts at 8:30), the other lady that was part of that team had it done. Much guilt ensued. However: Vindication! because Lloyd is always giving me grief about arriving too early.

2) I went to Lincoln after church, and when I got back, my neighbor (remember him?) came over and asked if I still had my burglar car-opening kit because his daughter locked her keys in her car. I did! Vindication! We got her car unlocked!

Anyway, the only story that has corresponding photos is that I bought new shoes. Big whoop. My feet/ankles/legs have been bothering me for some time, and part of the problem is that summer shoes offer zero support. Sandals are no good, so I’ve been wearing tennis shoes as much as I can. I even stood on the Dr. Scholl’s machine in Wal-Mart and purchased some pricey insoles. The problem is that my ‘good’ tennis shoes are no longer good. In fact, they look pretty bad.

I tried on a whole bunch, but gray is the new ‘it’ color and my cool-weather pants are tan. I settled on blue shoes that tie. They are very cushy and my insoles fit inside.


C’mon, cold weather! I have great shoes for cold weather!

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Comfortable shoes are so important! I was working in my basement the other day, and was sock-footed on the concrete. My feet were so sore after a couple of hours, I put on my school shoes. They are big and chunky, but have wonderful support.


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