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Forge of Empires

February 28, 2017



You’re going to have to blame Lauren for this one. She told me when I got home from parent-teacher conferences that I had to write the post. In her defense, I only had 3 parents show up. So that went well. But I know why you really come here. You’re looking for something to waste […]

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February 27, 2017


I don’t know what to say. It was a pretty good day. We made it through the day and I started on our NAEYC annual report. I ordered some shelves and (badly) darned a hole on the webbing on one of the outside toys. Now, off to bed.

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Stupid Fabric

February 26, 2017

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So, Cheap Lauren is trying to find an inexpensive, yet beautiful option for fabric to cover some of the panels, specifically the ones that will go in the commons and kitchen. I thought perhaps painter’s drop cloths. They are a tan canvas that is the right color, and come in sizes like 6 x 9 […]

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No-Photo Saturday

February 25, 2017


I didn’t take one single picture today, dang it. Now I just have a list of stuff. Oh, well. I went to Wal*Mart to get some things (clocks, tape, paper, post-its) for school, then took them to school. I hung the clocks up outside (photo moment lost), then finally assembled a shelf from IKEA that […]

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Peekaboo. I see you.

February 24, 2017



When I got my new iPad in December, I got booted off our security system. I can’t actually do anything useful with the system, like open a door, but I can see who is going in and out of the building. In fact, the only thing I use it for is checking our front entrance […]

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Someone’s trying to send me a message.

February 23, 2017



Sooo…. whoever broke the glass jar of cat food? They are also messing around in my closet. My mirror was down. Not broken, but definitely angled so I would poke myself on the pointy it. Grrrrrrrr. Pretty sure it’s Wally.

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