‘Stained’ ‘glass’

May 14, 2017


This post really shouldn’t be made now, because I don’t have any ‘different’ kind of photos, but I’m going to just tell the story anyway.

When we first moved into the building, it was early September. The gorgeous east-facing windows in the commons were letting A LOT of early morning sun into the kitchen. It bounced off the shiny new floors and nearly blinded our cook. I talked with one of our moms, who is a kitchen design consultant. She said, “Live with it for a year before you make any decisions about what to do.” Well, that bought us some time because in the fall and winter the light shifted and it wasn’t an issue. But come this spring, it got pretty bright again.

Until we can come up with gobs of money for the automatic roller blinds that I envision, we are solving it with juice cups and window cling. Our kids use plastic cups for juice and milk at breakfast, and we are already used to recycling them. Well, with a little permanent marker and hot glue, they become rather lovely.

This was early on, before the window clings.. There is also a window that has some paper rectangles taped together. We do so love messing around.


This is a shot of with the window clings installed on that row with the glass bottles. The photo was taken last week in the late afternoon, so the lighting is wrong.


Here’s a better daytime shot. We are slowly adding more cups, and the effect is rather nice.


See? Not a great post. I warned you.


UPDATE: To clarify how the cups are put together, here is a batch that we made using crumpled cellophane inside instead of coloring the outside with permanent marker. Once they are all glued together, they just sit on the windowsill.


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  1. Brad Said on:

    I’m having trouble picturing the cups. They’re hot-glued together into a sheet-like covering?


  2. Kristi Said on:

    I love the creativity!


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