Well, that took a different turn.

May 28, 2017


Saturday started out pretty great. I slept in, Lloyd’s cousins (Dave and his son Vince) stopped by for a little bit (they were in town for a wedding), then on to Lincoln to run some errands. Lloyd asked if there were any woodworking shops around and I said, “Yes! In Omaha!” That resulted in an unexpected trip to my camping store and that awesome woodworking store.

Then I got a phone call from my brother Phil that he was in the emergency room with a suspected brain aneurysm. He asked if I’d call to let the family know, and now I know that when someone calls you from a hospital on their cell phone, find out the name of the hospital.

We had phone calls, texts and prayers all day. They ruled out an aneurysm – thank the Lord! – and diagnosed severe vertigo, but they are still looking into the cause.

So, there’s that. Saturday is slowly becoming my not-favorite day.

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2 Responses to “Well, that took a different turn.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Yikes! Adding your brother to my prayers.

    Things haven’t gone so well for your family lately. Take care of yourself so you don’t add to the family concerns.


  2. Gretchen Said on:

    Not fun! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!


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