May 31, 2017


As I was finishing up at work, the children and staff were all gone and I was getting ready to deal with the wasps on the playground that were freaking everybody out. I looked outside and these morons in the rental across the street were golfing in their backyard. Not just putting – big ol’ swings.


I set up my iPad to document if they hit a car, or worse yet – my school. (I would have gone postal on them.) Of course, just as I set it up, they stopped. Good. I would have hated to bloody my knuckles. I had wasps to deal with.

For the record, they weren’t wasps. Lloyd came out there, too, and we found them and examined them. They were harmless wasp beetles…. that he smashed with his foot.

I should have sent him after the golfers.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    I don’t think I’ve heard of wasp beetles. I’m glad you didn’t have wasps.


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